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"Always vote for a principle, though you vote alone, and may you cherish the sweet reflection that your vote never lost."

-John Quincy Adams

Welcome Statue of Liberty

Welcome to the website of Mr. Haskvitz' Advanced Social Studies class.

Our Mission

We are currently working on a project explaining how governments developed into the complex organizations they are today. We will accomplish this by creating a short film concerning the development of government.

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Organization News

5/31/02- The website is complete, or at least close to it. We thank all those who have been actively involved in the development of our site. We also thank those who have helped us procure information that otherwise, would have taken weeks to find. We thank all of you who have helped us, and we hope that our site will prove useful to you as a reference.
5/3/02- We are in the process of placing the comments that professors have sent us, in hopes of improving our site. Speaking of which, as you may have noticed, the hyperlinks are activated and, we are now procuring pictures to place onto our site.

-- Webmaster

4/27/02- We have had a slight security breach, but, we are currently repairing our site. We apologize for any problems this may have caused.


4/15/02- We have two appendixes up.

-- Webmaster

3/15/02 - We have our resource page up, and we are working on the conclusion of our script.

-- Webmaster 
3/13/02 - The script has been divided into sections, so feel free to help proofread and offer suggestions for our script. We will be adding an appendix for the other forms of government soon.
 -- Webmaster
3/8/02 - You can now download the script that is currently being used, however, the script is not complete, but it will give you some idea what we are doing. Things we are adding: different governments, history, rise of different governments. Come back soon and download an updated script!
-- Webmaster
Our script is currently in progress, and will be completed ASAP.
-- Webmaster

2/26/02 - Everything is up and ready to go. We are just adding some pictures to the script, so we'll be done with everything soon.

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